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What is Lobby Talk?


Lobby talk is where students can sit down with one of our English teachers and talk about anything! ロビートークは、生徒たちが英語の先生と一緒に何でも話せる機会のことです!

The teacher will be helping the students learn to relax in an English environment and practice their speech. Students can be a little overwhelmed in class sometimes, worrying about the skills of other students. Our new lobby talk is designed to let students talk about almost any subject in a relaxed manner with our teachers. Through a combination of games, activities and interactive video, we will help the children find their inner voice. 先生は英語の環境で、生徒たちがリラックスして学んだり、英語で話す練習を手伝います。生徒たちはレッスンの中では、ほかの生徒の出来を気にして、少し圧倒されている子もいるかもしれません。私たちの新しいロビートークは、先生とリラックスした感じで、どんな話題でも生徒たちと話せるようにできています。ゲームやアクティビティ、パソコンを使って自ら操作する、などを交えて、私たちは子供たちの心の声を読み取るようにします。

This also gives students a chance to meet teachers that they normally would not spend much time with, giving them more practice at hearing different accents and interacting with different foreign born teachers. これは、それぞれの先生で異なる英語のアクセントを耳にする練習を与え、異なる国の先生とのやり取りをしながら、普段はそれほど一緒に過ごすことのない先生と会う機会を設けるものでもあります。

Schedule スケジュール

Currently our lobby talk sessions are running at the following times: 現在のロビートークは以下の日時で実施しています: Tuesday to Friday: 4pm until 5pm: For Primary school aged students 6pm until 7pm: For High school (Junior and Senior) aged students. 火曜日~金曜日 午後4時~5時:主に小学生対象 午後6時~7時:主に中高生対象 Saturday: 10:30am until 11:30am: For Primary school aged students 11:30am until 12:30pm: For High school (Junior and Senior) aged students. 2:00pm until 3:00pm: Open for students of all ages. 土曜日 午前10時30分~11時30分:主に小学生対象 午前11時30分~12時30分:主に中高生対象 午後2時~3時:すべての学年対象

Price 価格

For existing students of Tokushima Daiichi English Village or Daiichi Zemi, this service is free, unlimited times per month. For other students who are currently not enrolled with us, it is ¥1000 per month, unlimited times per month. 英語村生と徳島第一ゼミ生は無料です。それ以外の外部生は月に1000円いただきます。

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