Hackathon ver 1.1 (英語版)



Thank you all for coming to Hackathon ver 1.1 at English Village! We were thrilled at the turnout and were blown away by the amazing projects the contestants were able to make.

We had three teams competing for awards and glory in a two hour, non-stop programming competition. The younger programmers on the JAVA team created “Plane vs. Sock” and presented it to their fellow programmers. Well done to the two boys who took home the coveted “Most Festive” award at the event.

Check out the JAVA team’s project here.

With help from a surprise guest, the ladies from team Python were really able to pull off something quite spectacular in their two-hour programming session. Additional support was provided by a retired computer science professor who happened to be in attendance that day, but we all know that the brains behind their Mouse Shooting Game came from the ladies themselves. For their ingenuity, team Python took home the “Stinkiest Sock” award.

Check out the PYTHON team’s project here.

The Ruby team was a bit all over the place, but despite their snacking proclivities, they were able to put together something quite unique. Rock clones all over the place and a shooting taco, the boys of team Ruby took home the “Snackathon” award for their valiant snacking efforts.

Check out the RUBY team’s project here.

Our last team really showed us how it’s done with their two player soccer/survival game. Play against your friend and try to survive the barrage of soccer balls. For their mad skillz, the boys earned the “MVP” award.

Check out the game from our MVP team here.

Thanks to all of the young programmers who came out for our first Hackathon. This is only the first of many, so keep your programming skills sharp for Hackathon ver 1.2 at English Village. See you then!

Cafe Week (英語版)



In the final week of the cooking course, we invited parents and friends to join us in the cafe space. Each class put on their own version of a cafe, complete with menus and a unique cafe name, like “The Yummy Cafe”.

Students greeted their guests at the front door and escorted them to their seats. We had beautiful handmade menus from which they could choose drinks, sandwiches, and a delicious dessert. The guests could ask questions like “What’s in a Shirley Temple?” or “What does it taste like?” You can see from the video that the kids did most of the work in the kitchen. They all worked really well together as a team, and I’m very proud of them!

I’m excited to see the next iteration of the cafe. Maybe we can include some seasonal drinks like hot chocolate or flavored tea.

Thank you to all the parents and families who came, and of course to all the students who worked so hard in preparation. Everyone did an amazing job!

Cafe Week(日本語版)

Click here for the English version:


クッキングコースの最後を飾ったカフェタイム。生徒たちは自分の家族や友達を英語村のカフェスペースに招待しました。どのクラスも、それぞれメニューをきちんと用意し、カフェに、「The Yummy Café」といったようなユニークな名前もつけて、完璧なカフェを開店しました。

生徒たちはゲストを入口で出迎え、席までエスコートしました。みんなひとりひとりが手作りしたメニューは、とてもきれいに仕上がっていて、ゲストはそのメニューから、飲み物、サンドウィッチ、おいしいデザートを選びました。ゲストは質問してもOK。もちろん質問も答えも英語です。たとえば「What’s in a Shirley Temple?」とか「What does it taste like?」といったゲストからの質問にも生徒たちはがんばって答えていましたよ。ビデオを見てもお分かりいただけるように、子供たちはキッチンでのほとんどの仕事を自分たちでこなしていました。チームとして、みんなで協力しながらがんばってくれた生徒たちを本当に誇りに思います!











Have a happy new year !

Wrapping up Programming (英語版)



Sessions 8 ~ 11

After exploring the Scratch programming environment and learning a few basic components which can be used to create a game, it’s time to put our skills to the test and make our final projects!

Students spent the next four lessons creating their projects, writing their presentations and then presenting their work. There were so many amazing projects to select from and I have chosen three to showcase in this post.

Car Maze

This was a fun project that used the concept of interaction to create a simple timed, maze game.

Players must navigate the car from START to GOAL without touching the walls of the maze. If the car touches the red walls of the maze, a life variable will slowly decrease until it reaches zero. At that point, the car will return to the start area and you must start the maze again.

Click on the link to play the game: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/259027766/


This game used a simple AI to serve as the opponent in a virtual soccer match.

The object of the game is to get the soccer ball into your opponent’s goal. This may seem like a simple task, but the AI controlled opponent is constantly seeking out the ball and trying to move it into your goal. The parameters of the opponent’s AI can be modified to make him quite easy to defeat or impossibly difficult.

Click on the link to play the game: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/259042870/

Tom & Jerry

Inspired by the cartoon cat and mouse of the same name, this game puts you in control of a crazy little mouse who is trying to escape from the pursuing cat.

This game makes use of the timer to increase the speed of the cat and therefore the level of difficulty. As the timer counts down to zero, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay alive. Fortunately, the clever programmer who made this game also included power ups that temporarily increase the speed of the mouse.

Click on the link to play the game: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/258795593/

Programming On Break

Moving into December, the programming course will take a three month break and we will be working on a new project course. If you want to get your programming fix, we do have CoderDojo and open computer lab.

CoderDojo is on the first Monday of every month from 18:30 ~ 20:00. It’s free and open to anyone age elementary school and up. Here is some additional information: https://englishvillage.jp/blog/2018/11/06/calling-all-ninjas/

We open the English Village computer lab every Thursday afternoon from 15:00 ~ 16:30. English Village students are free to use the computers to do one of the following:

  • working on your Scratch project
  • practicing your typing skills using Typing Club
  • doing Online Practice from the Let’s Go or Oxford Discover series

See you then!

Wrapping up Programming(日本語版)

Click here for the English version:




Car Maze










Tom & Jerry





Programming On Break


コーダ道場は毎月第一月曜日の18:30~20:00に開催しています。小学生以上なら誰でも参加可能です。詳細は次のリンクからご確認ください: https://englishvillage.jp/blog/2018/11/06/calling-all-ninjas/



2)タイプ練習 https://www.typingclub.com/

3)オンライン練習 https://od.ouponlinepractice.com/auth/index

Merry Christmas! (日本語)





Christmas Party駐車場のご案内(日本語)

さて、今週の日曜日(12月23日)は英語村のChristmas Partyです!



Christmas Party! (日本語)


English Village Christmas Party

Art in October (英語版)



Students in art are learning how to describe the physical world around them by its properties.
In September, we learned how to describe an object by its color.
In October – how to describe it by its texture.
Using our hands and fingers, we sampled a range of surfaces – smooth, rough, hard, soft, bumpy and ridged.
We looked around the school for items that fit into these categories and pressed disks of air-dry clay into them.
Then, we assembled these on a sample board of re-used corrugated cardboard.

We then proceeded to continue exploring part two of our larger project – the verb and compliment of each of our sentences.
Each one thought about the subject we had previously created in our individual paintings and assigned them an action with who or what.
They then had to think how to represent this visually in a relief sculpture.
Sounds tough, huh? What an amazing bunch – we were able to do this in ENGLISH!

We made molds out of plasticine by filling about an inch of the bottom of containers of different shapes and smoothing it out with a spoon. Then, using various modeling tools, we carved and shaped it. Finally, we created texture in the background by adding all sorts of little details with little tools.

The next procedure was to carefully mix powdered plaster with water and fill the molds.
After about a week, the plates were dry and a surprise awaited in the classroom: flipping over the mold, the plaster slid out, revealing a positive impression of the work sculpted into the clay.

Stay tuned for part three of the sentence: the answer to where all this action is taking place.
And if your curiosity has been piqued,we will be having a small art show from November 28th to December 1st , with a celebration on the last day from 3:00 to 4:00 pm, open to all.