Upcoming Event – Karaoke

次回のイベント - カラオケ

Hi everyone!


We have been discussing various ideas recently for fun events and activities to have with our students, when one of our older students came up with an interesting idea.

生徒たちと楽しいイベントやアクティビティについて々と話し合っていると、 おもしろいアイデアが高学年の生徒さんからでてきましたよ!



As a lot of our recent events have been aimed at our younger students, this time we are mixing things up. Our resident Music Artist Mitchell, will be hosting and leading a group based Karaoke event. Students will form into teams of up to 5, practice their songs and dance moves in a private room upstairs, then perform for a round robin style event!


If students do not have a team beforehand, we will be organising teams on the day.


Those same older students have given us an ultimatum, haha. That is this event is restricted to junior and senior high school students, and that there are no parents allowed. (I guess we have a bit of performance anxiety!)


So to all our budding musicians, or even those who want to have some fun, on Sunday, February the 16th, we will be hosting the first TDEV Karaoke event at 12pm! Invite your friends to your team.


Snacks and Drinks will be provided on the day.


Pricing for the event is:
¥2000 for a team (of up to 5 students)
¥500 for a single entry
一人での参加 :500円

Christmas Event, Thank you everyone!


What an amazing event!


Thank you everyone for coming and helping us celebrate Christmas. I am still checking all the photo’s that we took on the day (wow I took a lot!), but so far they are amazing.


The teachers could not stop talking about how well behaved every student was, so an extra special thank you from us to your children.


I hope everyone had as much fun as we did, now to get to the planning for the next events!


Sneak peak from our next events:


February: Karaoke Event (junior and senior high school students only)


April: Spring break:
Junior: Outdoors event with lunch
Senior: Possibly Rafting (still in discussion with a few companies)


August: Special Art Event with a very famous artist [ censored ].


Lots of events are currently being planned currently, once we have finalised the details we will be making proper and full announcements.


Lobby Talk, New Teachers and More!

I apologise for the length of this post but we have a lot to talk about!


To start with, our new Lobby Talk system. We have been testing it for the previous two weeks and so far it has been a great success.


Lobby talk is where students can sit down with one of our English teachers and talk about anything! The teacher will be helping the students learn to relax in an English environment and practice their speech.


Currently we have lobby talk with the following schedule:


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
4pm until 5pm: For Primary school aged students
6pm until 7pm: For High school (Junior and Senior) aged students.


10:30am until 11:30am: For Primary school aged students
11:30am until 12:30pm: For High school (Junior and Senior) aged students.

午前10:30から 11:30:小学生向け
午前11:30から 12:30:高校生(中学生および上級者)向け

This service is free for all of our current students, and ¥1000 per month for any non-students.


So please, feel free to call up our front desk and book your child in for lobby talk.


Our New Teachers!


I have been looking forward to writing about this!


We have been busy recruiting the best teachers available, and training them in our unique style of teaching. So please, let me introduce you too:


My name is Mitchell.I am a new teacher at English Village.I have traveled all the way from Australia to Japan, to help Japanese children learn and understand the English language! Back in Australia I was formally a music teacher. I like music, sports, hiking and camping.Come and see for yourself just how fun English Village can be .



Dr Ashtar
Nido information

Hello, my name is Alyssa I am from America and was born and raised in Oregon. I have lived in Japan for five years. I enjoy kimono, drawing and going to local concerts! I love teaching English and hope increase the number of English speakers in Tokushima by encouraging communication in a friendly and fun environment. I speak Japanese so feel free to speak with me anytime!


Hi! I am from the Philippines, I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Mass Communication and with a Certificate of Teaching. I have taught for 7 years in Preschool and Grade school in the Philippines and in Audi Arabia. I love teaching because you get to spend your career cultivating young minds. I like making art and crafts, and I enjoy cooking. I know that English Village will be your first step in learning English in many different ways with the help of your teachers.


These teachers have been studying and learning about how our core and project lessons work hand in hand to expand upon the standard learning style in Japan Eikaiwa. They are all excited to be working here and look forward to helping your children grow.


Update on our teaching styles
With this time to train up new teachers, we have used this opportunity to expand upon our plans to create the best environment to help children learn to speak and live in a bilingual society.



To this effect we have hired Yvonne, She will be teaching our younger learners, and as someone who grew up learning both her native tongue and English, is perfect to help children learn and grow.


For the higher level learners (Oxford Discover level), we have attained the services of Dr. Ashtar, who is currently training to become a professor. His technical expertise and training for giving exacting and precise instructions will be invaluable.


Our new mixture of teachers allows us to both help students learn traditional styles of English as they would encounter in a western country, they are also learning about the slight differences in pronunciation that they will encounter while in Japan, where the only group language they may have with future employees will be English.


We know that this new system will help create more well rounded students, much better able to approach the English language, not only in its traditional form, but in the more realistic environments that they will encounter in their lives.


Christmas, Lobby Talk and more!

Good evening everybody, I wanted to take this chance to inform everyone of our upcoming event and a new exciting project we are starting at English Village.


First things first, Christmas 2019! We are still finalizing all the details, but one things for certain, it’s going to be fun!


I can’t wait! A certain jolly fellow in a red suit will be there on the day as well.


On top of this exciting news, we also are starting a new Lobby Chat, beginning on the 12th of November. This means for 2 hours each day (Tuesday – Friday, 5pm – 6pm and 7pm – 8pm, Saturday 10:30am – 11:30am, 11:30am-12:30am), a teacher will be available downstairs for free conversation and activities.


The teachers will be rotating, to allow any students to experience all of our teachers, and different accents to help them become more worldly English speakers. I, for one, am excited by the possibilities that this gives us.


This service is free to any of our existing students, as a little extra from us to you. So please, either call us up to book your student in, or pick up a form from the front desk at any time.


We’re looking forward to seeing all our little villagers at our Christmas party this year, and I will be posting more details on this very soon.



  • The English Village Team

TDEV newsletter 徳島第一英語村通信 vol.1 【renewal】

Topics トピックス

☑ Our new theme 新しい試みとして

☑ New teacher’s coming! 新しい先生が来ています!


Our new theme 新しい試みとして






New teachers’ coming! 新しい先生が来ています!

  • Mitchel James ミッチェル先生  

オーストラリア出身で、音楽の先生をしていたこともあります。 パソコンにも精通しているので、ぜひ質問してみてください。 とても優しく、わかりやすい英語で、いろんな話をしてくれることでしょう。パソコンにも精通しているので、ぜひ質問してみてください。 とても優しく、わかりやすい英語で、いろんな話をしてくれることでしょう。

  • Ashtar Monhannad ニド先生  

シリア出身で、プロフェッショナルな歯科医で、現在大学院でも勉強をしています。 医学だけでなく、漫画やアニメに詳しく、著名な漫画家とも親しくしているとのことです。みんなが楽しめる話をたくさんしてくれますよ!

  • Delos Santos Jay Yvonne Camba イヴォンヌ先生

フィリピン出身で、教育大学を卒業後、自国やドバイでも小学校~中学校の教師をしていました。教員資格も持っている、プロの先生です。日本に来て間もないので、日本には興味津々。 とても親しみやすく、明るい性格なので、皆さんどんどん話しかけてみて下さいね!

※英語村でも絶賛配付中です!Take free(無料)ですので、ぜひお持ち帰りください!


Halloween Event 2019

I would like to start off with a big thank you to everyone who came to our event! It was a lot of fun, and the costumes were amazing!



During the week each student that attended will receive a bonus 25 coins, as our little thank you gift for being such hard workers on Sunday.



Personally, I found the mummy event to be the most fun (and who doesn’t like covering a teacher in toilet paper?).


Now we need to plan for even bigger and better next year!


  • The English Village Team

Halloween イベント 日程変更のお知らせ


日時:10月20日(日曜日) 15時~17時

New semester – New Text Books

Hello parents and friends.

We are excited to start our new semester. As we finish our current series of text books (the Let’s go series), we will be beginning our new books Reading with Writing.

英語村でも新しい学期がスタートしました!レッツゴーシリーズをテキストとして使用していたクラスに関しては、新しいテキスト「Skills World Reading with Writing」シリーズでのレッスンがスタートしています。

These new text books are a brand new release that we are looking forward to teaching, with a more condensed format allowing us to expand further upon the ideas presented in the lessons.


Unlike our previous books, these everything is contained in a single text book: Lessons, homework and a student created image dictionary.

前のテキストとちがい、 「テキスト」「ホームワーク(ワークブック)」「ピクチャーディクショナリー」が 1冊に入っています。

The biggest change is with the audio files. Previously they were provided with the book on a CD, this time they are available at www.oup.com/elt/oxfordskillsworld .

ただ、今回のテキストにはCDが入っていません。テキストの音源は www.oup.com/elt/oxfordskillsworld にアクセスしていただければ聞けるようになっています。

If anyone would like, we are able to burn a CD for anyone have a problem with the website.

ウェブサイトで音源を聞けない等の場合は、こちらでCDを作成してお渡しすることもできますので、お申し出く ださい。

–        The Tokushima Daiichi English Village Team

Update about our Project Courses

Project Course Progress Report

Over the last three months, our art students have been busy making:


Paintings 絵  Sculptures 浮彫彫刻 and mirror boxes ミラーボックス 

During the August counselling week, all the Art Project creations will be displayed in our rooms and corridors. We hope you can drop by to see everyone’s great work.



In the Drama Project class, our students have been learning English storytelling skills. In recent weeks, they’ve been using the new language to create and perform amazing short plays of their own.


In the Programming Project, students have made computer quizzes, to test one another on spelling, punctuation, spacing and capitalisation. We have also created original animations, with English speech recordings.


It’s been an amazing year on the project courses, with many great, imaginative ideas that have helped us to practise English. Keep up the good work, everyone!


The next phase . . . 次のステップは…

In September, we are launching two new twelve-week project courses.


Leslie sensei, our expert chef, has designed a Food Culture course. English Villagers will study different countries, and make meals or do craft activities from each.


We plan to study the cultures of Italy, Mexico, the U.S.A, India, and one other (currently top secret!) place.


We will also launch an art course about Moving Images. Our Villagers will make flip books, zoetropes and other animation devices, before filming a presentation to display on a home-made projector.


We think these projects will be lots of fun, and create great opportunities for practising English.


They will be followed at the end of the year by a special short course on realistic picture drawing.


Thanks for your hard work over our first year. We can’t wait to see what everyone creates next.



–        The Tokushima Daiichi English Village Team