New semester – New Text Books

Hello parents and friends.

We are excited to start our new semester. As we finish our current series of text books (the Let’s go series), we will be beginning our new books Reading with Writing.

英語村でも新しい学期がスタートしました!レッツゴーシリーズをテキストとして使用していたクラスに関しては、新しいテキスト「Skills World Reading with Writing」シリーズでのレッスンがスタートしています。

These new text books are a brand new release that we are looking forward to teaching, with a more condensed format allowing us to expand further upon the ideas presented in the lessons.


Unlike our previous books, these everything is contained in a single text book: Lessons, homework and a student created image dictionary.

前のテキストとちがい、 「テキスト」「ホームワーク(ワークブック)」「ピクチャーディクショナリー」が 1冊に入っています。

The biggest change is with the audio files. Previously they were provided with the book on a CD, this time they are available at .

ただ、今回のテキストにはCDが入っていません。テキストの音源は にアクセスしていただければ聞けるようになっています。

If anyone would like, we are able to burn a CD for anyone have a problem with the website.

ウェブサイトで音源を聞けない等の場合は、こちらでCDを作成してお渡しすることもできますので、お申し出く ださい。

–        The Tokushima Daiichi English Village Team

Update about our Project Courses

Project Course Progress Report

Over the last three months, our art students have been busy making:


Paintings 絵  Sculptures 浮彫彫刻 and mirror boxes ミラーボックス 

During the August counselling week, all the Art Project creations will be displayed in our rooms and corridors. We hope you can drop by to see everyone’s great work.



In the Drama Project class, our students have been learning English storytelling skills. In recent weeks, they’ve been using the new language to create and perform amazing short plays of their own.


In the Programming Project, students have made computer quizzes, to test one another on spelling, punctuation, spacing and capitalisation. We have also created original animations, with English speech recordings.


It’s been an amazing year on the project courses, with many great, imaginative ideas that have helped us to practise English. Keep up the good work, everyone!


The next phase . . . 次のステップは…

In September, we are launching two new twelve-week project courses.


Leslie sensei, our expert chef, has designed a Food Culture course. English Villagers will study different countries, and make meals or do craft activities from each.


We plan to study the cultures of Italy, Mexico, the U.S.A, India, and one other (currently top secret!) place.


We will also launch an art course about Moving Images. Our Villagers will make flip books, zoetropes and other animation devices, before filming a presentation to display on a home-made projector.


We think these projects will be lots of fun, and create great opportunities for practising English.


They will be followed at the end of the year by a special short course on realistic picture drawing.


Thanks for your hard work over our first year. We can’t wait to see what everyone creates next.



–        The Tokushima Daiichi English Village Team