Upcoming Event – Karaoke

次回のイベント - カラオケ

Hi everyone!


We have been discussing various ideas recently for fun events and activities to have with our students, when one of our older students came up with an interesting idea.

生徒たちと楽しいイベントやアクティビティについて々と話し合っていると、 おもしろいアイデアが高学年の生徒さんからでてきましたよ!



As a lot of our recent events have been aimed at our younger students, this time we are mixing things up. Our resident Music Artist Mitchell, will be hosting and leading a group based Karaoke event. Students will form into teams of up to 5, practice their songs and dance moves in a private room upstairs, then perform for a round robin style event!


If students do not have a team beforehand, we will be organising teams on the day.


Those same older students have given us an ultimatum, haha. That is this event is restricted to junior and senior high school students, and that there are no parents allowed. (I guess we have a bit of performance anxiety!)


So to all our budding musicians, or even those who want to have some fun, on Sunday, February the 16th, we will be hosting the first TDEV Karaoke event at 12pm! Invite your friends to your team.


Snacks and Drinks will be provided on the day.


Pricing for the event is:
¥2000 for a team (of up to 5 students)
¥500 for a single entry
一人での参加 :500円