Hackathon ver 1.1 (英語版)



Thank you all for coming to Hackathon ver 1.1 at English Village! We were thrilled at the turnout and were blown away by the amazing projects the contestants were able to make.

We had three teams competing for awards and glory in a two hour, non-stop programming competition. The younger programmers on the JAVA team created “Plane vs. Sock” and presented it to their fellow programmers. Well done to the two boys who took home the coveted “Most Festive” award at the event.

Check out the JAVA team’s project here.

With help from a surprise guest, the ladies from team Python were really able to pull off something quite spectacular in their two-hour programming session. Additional support was provided by a retired computer science professor who happened to be in attendance that day, but we all know that the brains behind their Mouse Shooting Game came from the ladies themselves. For their ingenuity, team Python took home the “Stinkiest Sock” award.

Check out the PYTHON team’s project here.

The Ruby team was a bit all over the place, but despite their snacking proclivities, they were able to put together something quite unique. Rock clones all over the place and a shooting taco, the boys of team Ruby took home the “Snackathon” award for their valiant snacking efforts.

Check out the RUBY team’s project here.

Our last team really showed us how it’s done with their two player soccer/survival game. Play against your friend and try to survive the barrage of soccer balls. For their mad skillz, the boys earned the “MVP” award.

Check out the game from our MVP team here.

Thanks to all of the young programmers who came out for our first Hackathon. This is only the first of many, so keep your programming skills sharp for Hackathon ver 1.2 at English Village. See you then!