Cafe Week (英語版)


In the final week of the cooking course, we invited parents and friends to join us in the cafe space. Each class put on their own version of a cafe, complete with menus and a unique cafe name, like “The Yummy Cafe”.

Students greeted their guests at the front door and escorted them to their seats. We had beautiful handmade menus from which they could choose drinks, sandwiches, and a delicious dessert. The guests could ask questions like “What’s in a Shirley Temple?” or “What does it taste like?” You can see from the video that the kids did most of the work in the kitchen. They all worked really well together as a team, and I’m very proud of them!

I’m excited to see the next iteration of the cafe. Maybe we can include some seasonal drinks like hot chocolate or flavored tea.

Thank you to all the parents and families who came, and of course to all the students who worked so hard in preparation. Everyone did an amazing job!