Art in September(英語版)


There are many kinds of drawings:
drawings that explain things
drawings that instruct how to assemble objects
drawings that make us laugh
and even some that move.
Sketches, doodles, graphs.

There are many kinds of art forms:
ceramics, comics, dance, film, horticulture, printing, pottery, puppetry, sculpture…
Can you think of more?

We, are going to investigate something that underlies it all – the creative process (of making),
of bringing our thoughts to life into the world.*
Like Frankenstein.

For our very first art course at Tokushima English Village,
we will shape and give form to a sentence by exploring its basic elements through different materials and techniques.
Who will be the subject of your work?
What action will they carry out?
Where? With who or what?

During the first four session, we have been exploring lines and dots, and the different things we can make and draw with them.
We’ve learned about the features of the face and how they can come together through lines and dots to make a portrait.
And at last, we’ve been learning about colors and mixing them to paint our subjects/characters – we’ve even given them names.
Next, we will investigate their preferences – what they like and what they do.
Stay tuned.

* There are as many ways of bringing things to life as there are kinds of drawings, art forms and people.