Cooking in September (英語版)


Hi everyone, I’m really excited about this year’s cooking course.

Here is a quick summary of what we did in September. Many of our project oriented courses begin with a goal; the goal of the cooking class is for students to open and manage a small cafe for their family and friends. Of course, this will be done in English! In our cafe, we will serve some simple drinks, snacks and desserts.

The first third of the cooking class is devoted mostly to learning vocabulary that will be helpful in the kitchen. Without a solid foundation of vocabulary it is very difficult to understand or replicate any recipes. The vocabulary includes appliances, locations in the kitchen, words to describe flavor, common ingredients, and useful verbs.

With this foundation, we started by sampling some different foods and describing their flavor. Is ketchup sweet? Is it sour? What about mayonnaise? Over the next several weeks we made some basic food and drinks. Making pancakes was a good way to learn how to follow a recipe and find ingredients in the kitchen. Through mixing drinks we practiced measuring ingredients and in some cases converting quantities (for example, ounces to mL). 

Although we’re not doing any serious cooking right now, the students have been very involved and seem keen to put on their aprons and get messy. I’m excited about next month, where we will try some slightly more complex recipes, including bread and cookies. See you then!