Art in October (英語版)


Students in art are learning how to describe the physical world around them by its properties.
In September, we learned how to describe an object by its color.
In October – how to describe it by its texture.
Using our hands and fingers, we sampled a range of surfaces – smooth, rough, hard, soft, bumpy and ridged.
We looked around the school for items that fit into these categories and pressed disks of air-dry clay into them.
Then, we assembled these on a sample board of re-used corrugated cardboard.

We then proceeded to continue exploring part two of our larger project – the verb and compliment of each of our sentences.
Each one thought about the subject we had previously created in our individual paintings and assigned them an action with who or what.
They then had to think how to represent this visually in a relief sculpture.
Sounds tough, huh? What an amazing bunch – we were able to do this in ENGLISH!

We made molds out of plasticine by filling about an inch of the bottom of containers of different shapes and smoothing it out with a spoon. Then, using various modeling tools, we carved and shaped it. Finally, we created texture in the background by adding all sorts of little details with little tools.

The next procedure was to carefully mix powdered plaster with water and fill the molds.
After about a week, the plates were dry and a surprise awaited in the classroom: flipping over the mold, the plaster slid out, revealing a positive impression of the work sculpted into the clay.

Stay tuned for part three of the sentence: the answer to where all this action is taking place.
And if your curiosity has been piqued,we will be having a small art show from November 28th to December 1st , with a celebration on the last day from 3:00 to 4:00 pm, open to all.